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Relaxing by the Water

It's All About You...

It’s finally time to work on YOU and coaching will find you the space and focus to do that.  Unlock your potential, find your purpose, reach that goal, shift perspective, change a repeating behaviour.  All these can be achieved through coaching to move you forward.

Stop measuring yourself against others...It’s all about you….  

Unless we’re talking teams, and then we may need bring more people in, but it works very much the same way.

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A Snippet Of Me

Married with two boys, I’m living in Kent with childhood roots firmly in the Caribbean. I have 25yrs experience in the financial industry across a broad skill set from client relationship to learning and development.  I am an ICF ACC coach and love working with all varieties of clients in all walks of life. 

As your coach I am warm, authentic, playful and challenging, and will be the holder of your time to think.

See if I'm the right coach for you...

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A Loving Boot

I’ve been said to have a loving boot and it’s been known to work wonders.  With love in my heart my role is to shine a mirror on you and help you see what you may not.  Are you ready for a little loving boot to move you into focus?

See what others have said, I'll let my clients do the talking.....

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